Maisons Outremont 1

Our mission with this project was : to create a quality living environment, peaceful and perfectly integrated into the urban context. The development is based on a desire to create an economically accessible multigenerational project allowing families to live in Outremont.

This project respects the history of the place, the environment and integrates harmoniously into its context. The creation of a park celebrates the stream. The most significant part of the building on the urban plan is preserved and the new building is implanted on the footprint of the old buildings. In a spirit of sustainable development and the creation of a socially dynamic place to live, it is a residential project with mixed typologies. On the ground floor, there are «townhouse» type units. On upper levels, there are condominium-type accomodations offering high-quality light.

All housing units offer large areas to accommodate families. And finally, indoor and outdoor bicycle parking facilities are provided to facilitate this type of transport.

Address : 11 Côte du Vésinet, Outremont
Delivery : 2019
Housing : 65 units 
Height : 5 levels

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