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In 2003, Florent Moser and David Lafrance joined forces to create Demonfort.

The company has since developed, carried out and managed numerous real estate projects whose excellence has been rewarded with a variety of awards both in Quebec and internationally. Maisons Outremont, the architectural project of the Teracea villas in Cap-à-l’Aigle, La Chapelle – Maisons Outremont II and Perspectives Bates are among Demonfort most recent achievements.

Specializing in the enlightened transformation of heritage buildings into prestigious homes, Demonfort assumes the role of general contractor for each of its real estate projects. This follow-up ensures the irreproachable quality of the living environment that the company delivers to customers wishing to live in exceptional environments.

Demonfort expertise:
real estate developer & general contractor

Demonfort’s expertise is defined by its ability to orchestrate and direct both the development and the entrepreneur aspects in the realization of a real estate project.

For more than 15 years, the company has stood out in this two-headed management. The development phase requires mastering important knowledge to direct the finances and design of the real estate project. The general contractor phase requires skills, know how, to implement, carry out, execute the multiple stages required by a construction project.

By having these two strengths, Demonfort ensures integrity and quality in its development and construction projects. The development team handovers the operations to the general contractor team and thus Demonfort ensures that the project is built in accordance with the design and the budgets.

The importance of real estate projects integrating and harmonizing with their surroundings and environment has always been the basis for reflection on Demonfort projects. Being able to carry out its own projects, Demonfort embodies this vision and these values ​​to such an extent that dreams become reality.

As Real Estate Developer Demonfort oversees :

As General Contractor Demonfort oversees :

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