| Real Estate Developer |

Overseeing a real-estate development project requires extensive knowledge in various domains. A real-estate developer is a project leader who must be able to manage the finances, the conception and the subsequent execution of any project. Demonfort has acquired this expertise by realizing multiple turnkey projects.

Demonfort offers the following to its clients:

• To aid in the acquisition of land or buildings
• To perform the required environmental studies
• To study all of the development possibilities while respecting municipal rules
• To conduct market research to determine selling prices
• To lead the conception of the project with professionals (architects, engineers, etc.)
• To establish a timeline and estimates of the cost of the project
• To obtain the necessary financing
• To carry out the construction works
• To sell or rent the units

Thanks to its diverse expertise in construction, management, and sales Demonfort can make the right decisions in order to remain profitable as a developer.