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Demonfort has had its license for over 15 years, making it an experienced general contractor. The company has managed new construction projects, in renovations and in civil engineering. Its know-how has allowed it to complete roads, water and sewage systems, structural projects in wood, steel and concrete, building moving, French drains, artesian wells, septic tanks, water inlets, and all other types of renovations.

Demonfort offers its general contracting services to all, whether they are individuals looking to renovate their home, or developers looking for someone to manage their work site. 

Our different services include:
• Excavation-backfilling
• Foundation
• Wood, steel, and concrete structures
• Windows
• Electricity-plumbing-ventilation-sprinkler systems
• Interior systems (gyprock-plaster-paint)
• Floors
• Interior finishes
• Kitchens
• Bathrooms
• Roofing
• Exterior coverings
• Masonry
• Landscaping
• …

Demonfort means quality and service.